Xbox 360 HDD Folder List
Content Location: /partition3/content/0000000000000000/<TITLEID>/<OFFERID>/
Save Location: /partition3/content/<PROFILEID>/<TITLEID>/<OFFERID>/
Music Collection: /partition3/mindex/media/ - The Music files are simply .wma with a custom header.

The only OFFERID's that always remain the same are the ones assigned to themes/gamerpics/videos.
00020000 - Gamerpics
00030000 - Themes
00080000 "now 000D0000" - Demos
00090000 - Videos
00004000 - Game Installs
00000002 - Extra Content
00007000 - Games On Demand
000B0000 - Title Updates

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Name Id
All360ArcadeCommunityOriginal Xbox
Free 2gig webfolder very
easy to use plus a bonus
256mb when you click here

This gem has saved my
ass plenty of times

If you want your add here email me

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